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before tumblr i never knew there were so many things to be offended about

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Remember that time John Mayer told Playboy he has a “Bennetton heart and a David Duke cock” as his excuse for why he isn’t attracted to black women and called his penis a “white supremacist”?

He and Katy Perry are racist fuckstains and garbage people who should get married and live in a cave together so neither one of the can inflict themselves on the world again.

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moral of the story: fuck with taylor’s men but don’t fuck with her career

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my head is hurting because i thought about my future for 0.3 seconds

you can get a headache from looking at something that bright

This is the most inspiring thing I’ve seen on tumblr.

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Excuse me but what is this doing in the potato tag

that does not look like a fucking potato to me

why were you in the potato tag


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tbh if jessie actually did ask for her cellulite to be photoshopped out of the album cover then i will be pissed off cos when i saw her 2 years ago and she said “i’m wearing a leotard and all you at the front taking pictures of my cellulite showing, but who cares, man. nobody’s perfect and lets just take a moment to remember how blessed we are” it was the most moving thing ever and if she just goes back on that then thats very disappointing. fyi everyone has cellulite and shes just continuing this toxic attitude of perfection that doesnt exist  

but magazines can make shit up all the time, and it doesnt even sound like something she would say since shes always been about being happy with what youve got and all that so i dont know…


taylorswift's cats, probably.




Milk is not natural.

Milk is not natural.

Milk is not natural.

Milk is not natural.

Milk is not natural.

Milk is not natural.

Milk is not natural.

Milk is not natural.

Milk is not natural.

Milk is not natural.

Angryfuckingvegan comes to the conclusion that cows are not real and milk does not actually exist

?? What the fuck?

fuck they mean we are not naturally supposed to drink animal’s milk, we are naturally intolerant to it but thousands of years ago some people developed their bodies to be able to digest it and which is why lactose intolerance exists because in some parts of the world actual logical people existed and thought hey why would i want to drink the exported liquid from a random farm animal ya’ll are nasty so angry vegan actually has a point 

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